Hello & welcome to my little corner of the web!

I'm Rachel, the founder & blogger behind Rachel Rosalie Design and I am SO ecstatic that you're here! 
Before you take a look around there are a few things you should know about me:

 1. I believe that being overdressed is far better than underdressed.

2. I will never say no to a donut and don't think you should either.

3. Organizing your life can be accomplished with a little willpower & a lot of To-Do lists.

4. Creating a wardrobe you are proud of does not have to cost a fortune, but does need patience & determination.

Rachel Rosalie officially came into business in 2015, but was formally known as Bows & a Blonde from 2013 until then. What started as a place to capture my style and college years quickly turned into a place of inspiration, design, and entrepreneurial endeavors. With the launch of my hand designed planner- The Collegiate Daybook in February of 2015, I knew it was time to merge all of my creative endeavors into one cohesive place, thus Rachel Rosalie was born.

"We only have one opportunity to do everything we've ever wanted. 
So I intend to do just that. 
And have a ball of time while doing it." -R.R.

Rachel Rosalie houses a multitude of different areas, ranging from lifestyle & fashion posts to DIYs, and cinematography, ensuring that there is something for everyone. I kind of look at it like this is my own talk show, and share whatever is on my heart that day! I’m constantly going a million miles a minute and that’s the way I love to keep my life. I am always striving to encourage others to live the width of their lives and not just the length of them.

I want to thank each and every one of you for following me along my journey. 
I could not do what I do without you. Thank you.

So sit back, grab some coffee, a fuzzy blanket, & get comfy. 
I'll turn on the jams & put the cookies in the oven; 
I have a feeling we're about to become best friends.

Rachel Rosalie is a personal blog written and edited by Rachel Berzins. This blog contains advertising and affiliate marketing links throughout postings and I may make commission from that click and/or purchase. I mark sponsored posts, and will always share my true opinion about all things I post on here. You guys deserve the truth!  if you choose to "pin" or link content from this blog, please be sure to link back to the original post. Thank you so much for supporting this blog and giving me the opportunity to share the things that I love with you.

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